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Our Specifications

ThermaGro Greenhouses are manufactured from the highest quality components. Durability and efficiency are achieved by glazing the greenhouse with a superior 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate sheeting, which is 60% more efficient and 2000 times stronger than single pane glass. A superior product, the sheeting is warranted against chipping, cracking, fading, peeling, excessive yellowing, and hail penetration for ten years. Out ThermaGro Curved “gothic arch” Design is available in a kit form and in 10 sizes from 8’x8′ to 12’x20′. All kits come complete with an aluminum base, anchor clips and a complete electrified ventilation system. Additional options and custom designs are available. Call us for more details.

Curved "Gothic Arch" Design
  • Stronger and More Elegant
  • Superior Wind and Snow Deflection
  • Advanced Insulating Properties
  • Easy To Assemble

Our quality components exceed industry standards, making the ThermaGro System the most weather-resistant four-season greenhouse of its kind, ensuring its lasting beauty for years to come.

  • White Enamel Finished Aluminum 1½” Square Tube Frame
  • White PVC Vinyl Outer Caps
  • Unique Gasket System for a Hermetically Sealed Structure
  • Self-Drilling Fasteners for Ease and Durability

We believe that the greenhouse must be anchored on a flush level and square base. Thus, each kit includes an aluminum 2″ x 4″, hollow base that is anchored to the ground via caissons (8″ diameter tubes) on each corner. The greenhouse is then assembled on the level squared and anchored base.

Optional Features
  • Hanging Basket Bars
  • Full-Length 2′ Wide Aluminum Shelving
  • Additional or Oversized Doors
  • Custom Sizes and Enclosures

All greenhouses are available in a curved “gothic arch” style. ThermaGro Greenhouses are complete in a kit form or can be installed by our qualified installers. Our only requirement is a level area on which to anchor and assemble the greenhouse.

  • Excellent Insulating Properties (U-Factor of 0.58, Light Transmission of 82%)
  • Extreme Durability (Impact and UV-Resistant Materials)
  • Elegant Design (White Frame and Seals, Clear Panels, and a Superior Fit and Finish)
Sizes Available
  • 8’x8′
  • 8’x12′
  • 8’x16′
  • 8’x20′
  • 10’x12′
  • 10’x16′
  • 10’x20′
  • 12’x12′
  • 12’x16′
  • 12’x20′