September 8, 2016


Therma-Gro "Astro" (Vented Roof)

  • Mechanically controlled ventilation,
    no power necessary
  • Great for off-grid applications and
    general plant growing or storage that
    requires less Atmospheric control
  • Solar vent openers are SS with
    hydraulic check valves for the wind
  • Unique with its full length (front to back)
  • roof vent system which gives 300%
  • more ventilation over any other roof venting system on the market
  • Thermo hydraulic openers start to open the vents around 65 degrees Fahrenheit and require no intake shutters or exhaust fans or electricity to operate.

Therma-Gro "Vortex" (Closed Roof)

  • Utilizes a thermostatically
    controlled exhaust fan and
    two intake shutters to pull
    cooler air into the greenhouse
  • All models equipped with:
    "Schaeffer" brand ventilation
    One (1) exhaust fan
    Two (2) motorized
    intake shutters
  • One (1) Moisture-proof single state T-stat control allows you to "Dial-In" better ventilation and temperature giving you the ability to grow anything from cactus to orchids
    Optional Dual-stage T-stat available to allow fan and vents to operate at different temperatures. Requires NEC approved wiring by a licensed electrician or equivalent to operate the ventilation system
    All greenhouse kits are available in 10 different sizes from 8' x 8' to 12' x 20'